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Decorating on a Dime: Tips For Couples

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Decorating your new home is one of the best parts of a move; not only do you get to show off your unique style, but if you’re moving in with your significant other, you also get the chance to merge your collections and figure out the best way to make the space totally your own as a couple. And since having your own space as a couple is a new and exciting change, you’ll want to have a few new things to make the process of moving in together feel complete. It can be tricky to find decor and necessities that fit your budget, however, especially since the move itself can often be expensive.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can decorate your new place without going overboard on the budget. Inexpensive artwork, a fresh coat of paint, and updated lighting can work wonders and may even help boost your home’s value if you’re a new owner. Renters can also benefit from these changes since they won’t alter the space permanently.

A few things you’ll want to consider might include:

Choosing the right color

Painting a new space can go a long way toward helping you make it your own, but it’s important to find the right colors. Not only will this help to make sure the rooms have the right energy, it will also allow you to make a space look bigger or more open. Don’t feel confined to one color; most designers agree that the best way to add a new shade is to break up a few different hues. Use a primary color for about 6 percent of the space, a secondary color for about 30 percent, and a tertiary color in about 10 percent of the area. This will provide some balance and will prevent the room from being aesthetically boring.

Using lighting to your advantage

The right kind of lighting can make a huge difference in a new home; it can make a room look bigger and can even save you money each month on your utility bills. From natural light to updated fixtures and eco-friendly bulbs, there are tons of things you can do to make your new home’s lighting work for you that won’t break the bank.


Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money, but it can also help you get exactly what you want from the get-go. For instance, instead of spending a lot on having artwork framed, pick out a few inexpensive prints on Etsy or at your local art supply store and frame them yourself. If you’re creative, consider grabbing a large canvas and turning it into a colorful piece of art that will hang over the couch. These big, eye-catching pieces can run hundreds of dollars when you buy them already made, but with some savvy and smart online shopping, you can make something original. The more you can do yourself, the more money you’ll save.

Using storage solutions creatively

Especially important when your home has small spaces to work with, using storage solutions creatively will help you take care of two issues at once: getting organized and decorating. Open shelving will help you take care of the organizational part and will provide some room for you to place decorative elements that show off your style. A hollow footstool or an old steamer trunk will give you space to store blankets or books while providing a spot to rest your feet. Think about all the ways you can utilize furniture and shelving to do double duty, and save money in the process.

Decorating your new home is one of the most fun parts of moving in, so take the time to enjoy it. Start planning early, if possible, so you’ll have plenty of time to look for the best deals on all the things you need both online and in stores. With a little preparation, you and your loved one will have a blast putting together your new place.

Natalie Jones

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