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Tijuana's Culinary Cuisine

The border between San Diego and Mexico is in the news every day with ongoing debates about immigration and spending on security initiatives. Hopping between Tijuana or TJ, as it’s commonly known by locals in Mexico and San Diego is a way of life as residents on both sides of the border crisscross for work, school, medical appointments and nightlife. But what is it like to visit this destination along the San Diego border?

For years, Tijuana had been a stereotype as a place for good tacos, something readily available nearly everywhere you look. These days tacos are just the beginning with its ever growing food, wine, and craft brewery scene. Food critics and enthusiasts have set their sights on TJ as a new player in the foodie world. Eater San Diego has just come up with Where to Eat and Drink in Tijuana Right Now, the hottest spots just south of the border.

If your nervous about traveling through Tijuana alone or don’t know what to do with your car, there are now tours offered to help. You can park on the San Diego border and ride over. Tours like, Baja Test Kitchen brewery tours, Boca Roja Wine Adventures and Turista Libre take you to the locations.

Our Blue Latitude team not only likes to expand our real estate boundaries but also our culinary cuisine!

Buen Provecho!

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